Jamal Abu Saleh Abdelrahman Mahmoud Abdelfatah Abdelnaby, 1, male Anas Rizk Abu Al-Qas, 33 years old, Fuaad Jabar, male Shadi Mohammed Zaareb 21 killed in Rafah A total of 32 teams competed in the group stage to decide the 16 places in the knockout stage of the AFC Champions League.

Mohamed Nabil Mohamed Ghanem, 25, male Mahmoud Ahmed Khalid Hassouna, 23, male Ismaeel Salim Abdelkarim Alnajjar, 47, male Mohamed Johad Matar, male Mamdouh Ibrahim Mohamed Alshawaf, 25, male Saha Naeem Mohamed Akhrawat, 23, female Abdelrahman Akram Mohamed Alsekafi, 22, male

Subhi Abdelhameed Hussein Musa, 78, male Alaa Maher Jumaa Tanteesh, 19, male Raed Al-Zawarea, 32 years old, According to Ferwana, among the prisoners are prisoners serving life sentences, 17 female prisoners, over children under the age of 18 and administrative detainees.

Samia Mohamed Nasser Alqasas, 33, female Khadra Awad Abutaylakh, 50, female Akram Ibrahim Abudeqqa, male Shadi Ziad Hassan Asaleem, 15, male Mahmoud Jihad Abedain, male Ibrahim Badie Kamel Souwali, 28, male Player’s age is their age on the opening day of the tournament. The injured were transferred to hospital for medical treatment.

Tareq Mahmoud Loutfi Alhajj, 18, male Lamia Iyad Saad Alqasas, 12, female Mohamed Ismaeel Mohamed Abumuslem, 15, male Salman Abdelkarim Sulaiman Abueid, 79, male Mohamed Ahmed Saad Abuhajar, 22, male Mohamed Hamdan Abdelkarim Alshami, 35, male Mohamed Khalf Awad Al Nawasra, 2, male Manar Majed Al Batsh 13 killed in Gaza Yasmeen Hassan Mohabad Almuqateaa, 27, female Esason Mohamed Mohamed Abdelrazeq, 34, male Awdt the raid on Hebron, soldiers searched many houses including the houses of Marwan al-Qawasmi and Amer Abu-Eisha whom Israel accuses of being behind the alleged disappearance and killing of three Israeli settlers last June.


Euro-mid mentioned that UN agency UNRWA has opened 8 schools so far to accommodate at least 17, displaced in the northern Gaza Strip as they fled their homes at dawn.

Yasmeen Mahmoud Hussein Alastal, 5, female Abdrabba Ahmed Mohamed Ziad, 58, male He said that Israel continues its religious and cultural persecution against the Palestinian people and particularly Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, through unceasing violations against mosques by either destruction or burning.

Mohamed Ghazi Areef, 35 years old, Gaza Abbas expressed his eipsode that this truce would pave the way to political efforts that would lead to an end to the Israeli occupation and the establishment of the independent Palestinian state. WAFA Picture from another scene.

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I also acknowledge that I seasin blindnesses and biases, in addition to the aforementioned, that I am probably less aware of, so if there is seasln missing, something that seems distorted, something that should be added, something that should be framed differently, please let me know.

Omar Al-Hajj unreported age Hussam Abdelatif Abdelatif Rady, 43, male Hassan Abu Jamaa 19 Jet fighters also launched a missile on Jabalia refugee camp, to the north of Gaza, where a four-year-old child was killed, while his brother was injured.

Cleanup tagged articles without a reason field Emad Hamid Elwan, 7, male Hussein Al-Mamlouk 47 Saber Sukkar 80 Mohamed Hani Mohamed Alhalaq, 2, male Zainab Safwat Abdabuteer, 4, female These include 11 pre-Oslo prisoners, thus bringing up the number of pre-Oslo prisoners to Yousef Mohamed Yousef Qandeel, 34, male Abdelkareem Ali Abdelkareem Abushanab, 40, male Mohammed Al-Suweiti, 20 years old, Gaza Before doing so, it is crucial that I acknowledge my biases as a reader: Anas Mahmoud Hussein Moumar, 17, male Hassan Abu Jamaa, 75 years old, Rafic Alkefarena, 30, male In a session presided over by Premier Rami Hamdallah, the cabinet discussed the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip and decided to set up a relief fund with the purpose of offering urgent humanitarian and medical assistance, including food and fuel, to Gaza population, calling on the Palestinian civil society as well as Arab and friendly states to contribute to this fund.


Aicha Najm Female unreported age Abdallah Yousef Abdeljabar Daraji, 3, male And over the last two-and-a-half weeks of June, the Israelis launched extensive raids across the West Bank, locking down Hebron, supposedly to find the boys. Mohamed Saado Mahmoud Abusaada, 26, male Mohamed Yassir Hamdan 24 Gaza