Baman Piderman Uploaded by Sir Soundwave. The original YouTube upload has since been removed. I do this not purely out of intense nervousness but rather to create a Livestreaming Baman Piderman progress work! The pilot episode of the series titled “Find Da Sandwich” was originally published via Butera’s personal blog [3] on May 28th, and reblogged on the illustration and cartooning blog Drawn [8] on July 10th. There have also been a number of animated shorts, teasers and “mini-sodes” in between the main episodes. Baman Piderman is an animated web series by Alex and Lindsay Small-Butera starring childlike, crudely-drawn versions of the superheroes Batman and Spider-Man , who live in a surreal world of moving houses, anthropomorphic pumpkins, tentacle monsters and other strange creatures.

Baman Piderman Uploaded by Sir Soundwave. Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you’re using an ad-blocking solution. May 20, Hitting 80k and a video update with a gifpop! Mar 02, at November 20, Backers Only: Contemplating over changing it from a to a. May 13, Newsflash!

Smashing through stretch goals is small potaboes for Baman Piderman backers! Baman Piderman – Guess Da Num Mar 02, at In the next four years, the video accumulated over 1. Baman Piderman’s initially simplistic storyline becomes much more layered and complex as the series goes on, and there is a great deal to speculate about in terms of plot, characters and why the strange world of the series is the way it is.

Content is available under Fanlore: After partnering with Mondo Media, the pilot episode was re-uploaded on May 1st, shown below.

Gundarr – Bearoids (Ep #17) – video dailymotion

Origin According to a Wired interview [5] with Alex Butera and Lindsay Small, they were inspired to create the animated series after attending an avant garde play at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, Massachusetts. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.


anc Baman Piderman Uploaded by SmileyRichie. As the titular characters are clearly modelled on Batman and Spider-Man, it could be viewed as a transformative work of sorts, but the resemblance to the Batman and Spider-Man universes ends there, with all other characters, plotlines and settings being unique to the series.

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November 20, Backers Only: Within 14 months, the video accumulated overviews and comments. Dese guys dressed up in holiday sweaters, by that-guys-gal. Additionally, YouTuber MasterEth dedicated the first episode of a new series, Gems of the Internet, to analysing the popularity of Baman Piderman and discussing some of the meta and fan theories published about the show: December 8, New special episode: Livestreaming Baman Piderman progress work!

Against all odds and perhaps against all advisable actions, Those Guys, beloved? In his video Gems of the Internet 1, MasterEth theorises that the show takes place in a child’s imagination, which explains its an and whimsical elements as well as the strange logic.

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By using this site, you are agreeing by the site’s terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. In lateAlex and Lindsay announced that Season 2 of Baman Piderman would be cancelled prematurely as Mondo Media was withdrawing funding for future episodes of the show.

December 7, Bamxn Only Blog: Fans have also created a variety of fanworks for the series see Fanworksbelow. We’re hard at work getting all of the rewards ready to send out to Fanfiction for Baman Piderman is less prevalent than visual art, but a handful of fanfics have been published to websites such as Fanfiction. Baman Piderman Uploaded by gnbman.


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an May 6, This Just In: September 5, Finished Opening to Ghost Night 2! Baman Piderman Uploaded by Sir Soundwave. A much more in-depth piece of meta by flutterlicious20 lists a number of theories about different elements of the show, including a detailed origin story for the Baman Piderman universe which casts Tuba as the central character.

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Contemplating over changing it from a to a. May – present Medium: Results for the Tee Shirt Voting! October 30, Happy Halloweens from Baman Piderman! Baman Piderman currently has three seasons consisting of 26 episodes, with the third season still ongoing.

Click here for related articles on Fanlore. As we saw in this episode, Those Guys This page was last modified on 1 Septemberat October 19, Currently Livestreaming! In addition, some creators have made fancrafts such as plushies, keyrings and stickers featuring characters from the show.