Hyuga finishes his meeting with Tanaka, grumbling about what a bastard Asahina is, and sees that Chihiro is still inside the restaurant. I see why she wants to spend her days happy, instead of being seen as a cancer patient, but it could cause her to leave behind so many unfinished business. At times he over-acted and became too threatrical, at times when his tears and mucus merged as he cried, you wanted to take him into your arms and cuddle him. He tells her that the best way to deflect unanswerable questions is with a timely joke. I am seriously going to be soo heartbroken when the whole truth lets lose and all the angst and all the pain But why has to comforting when she’ll be die not the other?

Here they are cooking a feast for him and celebrating her failing the exam, all for no measurable gain. She repeats it again and he acknowledges it before she leaves, which brings a smile to her face. But at times, when I think about this drama, I did feel like watching some of my favourite scenes again and regretted that I had deleted them all. Bok-gu is a man set on revenge. He must’ve thought that he was immune from Lee Seol’s charms and vice-versa for him to think he’d be successful at this Skip to secondary content.

How can they allow something like a sachet cause them to become unsure?? I was so caught up in the melo and tragedy but guess tastes really do change over the years cos I cnt stand melo now.

HY wants to hurt her on purpose?

It’s not her job to attend to the emotional needs of others right now. It’s like she just picked sramacrazy random stranger out of the crowd and was like “This is the most interesting”. I absolutely love dramacrszy drama. Tks again… Darmacrazy, I will patiently wait for the recaps…. He tells her the internet is off-limits for a while, and tells her not to respond to anything, about anything. But the problem is, Dan’s presence has created a point of controversy over the entire royal family restoration project.


IP February 10, at 7: It was practically CSI: I am puzzled by the first fake-out scene at the beginning. I really wish I wasn’t a whole Ocean away from them because if I was closer I would’ve thrown something at them for making me watch such a crazy show. Chihiro explains that she felt like she needed to tell him where to find his mother.

In a good way.

I want one of those. Fire the wardrobe stylist for that one! I can’t believe he doesn’t keep up this look.

Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode 3 Recap

I smell a guilt complex. YY February 10, at 3: Until now, I still remember the chorus and it still breaks my heart. Chihiro is thrilled that this method is so cute. Ok, this is going to be very long so just bear with me.

Let me ask you just one thing. She stares dramacrwzy the fake business card and gets up her courage to return to the table. With her idiotic move. Isn’t Rain going into the military too this year? I still have deep love for “Que Sera, Sera” although it broke my heart several times while I watched it. Oh yeah btw, you are funny as hell too!


Episkde years later I can watch the lf without being a blubbering mess! Over my dead body!

She may have seen Hyuga before and they may have met but I bet she embellished everything else to make him feel guilty. It just so happens that her complexities complement his complexities. I’m so in-love with Hae-young!

No wonder she flaunts her money so much. Jung-woo returns home only to find Yoon-ju standing in his doorway. All of a sudden people overly care for you because they know you’re about to die; it’s hard not to find that disingenuous. Korea come into play in this plot line. Thank you for the recap. She scoffs that her well-honed sense of humor is totally up to the task, so he tests her. I have watched it at least 5 times already and still cried epiisode it every single time. Thanks about the name lol.

A Love to Kill: Episode 1 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Yeah, you heard right, If he did finish his revenge I would really like it. That is what his face said when he heard YJ bot do the beep beep beeps! How can they solely base the lineage on who wpisode it?

Tilt left, slant right.