Also, Maya and Campbell’s relationship is threatened. Unless Degrassi has a time-travelling program, that shouldn’t be on the playlist lol. I hope Jake and Katie do some dirty dancing of their own. This is a list of Degrassi: Shane Kippel said it was “probably the most intricate mini we’ve ever put together, I think we’ve blown the entire budget on this one”.. Also, Clare is letting the Twitter trend affect her personal and professional lives.

Meanwhile, Jenna tries to prove Luke wrong about Connor but regrets it when Connor asks her out. The episodes are in a Windows Media 10 file, and the purchaser owns them forever, although the episodes can only be burned onto a disc three times and copied to a device three times. Meanwhile, Dave feels that he and Alli aren’t considering each other first and makes a decision about their relationship. The Next Generation Canadian television seasons Canadian television seasons. I still don’t get how they decided so many things for prom last minute, but I guess that’s how they do it in Canada. Ben Mulroney as himself. Eli has nightmares about Campbell, and tries to forget what he saw in the garden, burying himself in video making.

It’s refreshing, and Jake and Mo was a great friendship to focus on. The Next Generation season 7. Part 1 21 Jun 6. The first run, of 20 episodes, aired in July and Augustfor a total of five weeks. The Fiona stuff was irritating but sweet, especially the airport speech. So yeah, that was episofe.

Clare, who wants Asher’s approval, pitches a story about the play. A third horror themed special aired as part of season 11however “Nowhere to Run” is part of the continuity.

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Archived from the original on May 24, Dallas blames himself for Campbell’s death and lashes out at Alli. Maya feels unappreciated by her boyfriend and her band, so Tori gives her a pageant-style makeover. I enjoyed tonights episode. Or, Katie gambles at a blackjack table and loses all of her parents’ savings. Katie and Jake become a couple, which doesn’t sit well with Dallas.


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Mo and Marisol were cute and the graduation song, while cheesy was also cute and sweet. Zig has difficulty concealing his poverty when Tori makes a big deal of their four-month anniversary. At the 17th Annual PRISM AwardsDegrassi received an award in the Teen Program category for their portrayal of “drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction, as well as mental health issues”.

I don’t have much of an analysis on it, epiwode. I breathed such a huge sigh of relief when they revealed that Fiona rigged the ballot. Eli and Claire together. I assume Imogen has been so busy taking care of her father and spending time with Fiona that she’s been slacking off at school, but yeah, that was definitely something that should have been foreshadowed more.

Meanwhile, Clare is confused about how Eli feels about her after their kiss last term. Retrieved December 27, Archie ‘Snake’ Simpson credit only Munro Chambers I enjoyed Jake and Mo’s plot.

I really liked episods storyline.

Also, Bianca doesn’t know how to tell Audra that she and Drew are engaged. After posting her make out session with Harry online, Maya has to deal with the consequences of her actions and finally confront her true feelings about Campbell’s death. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

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From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. I liked this more than the others.


It’s like they don’t ljfe care about Fiona. All times are GMT I like how the show acknowledged that their friendship wasn’t exactly defined so Mo wanting it to be defined made sense. With their spring break trip to Puerto Vallarta cancelled, she, Marisol, Jake, and Mo go to Las Vegas instead, where she plans to win her tuition. MuchMusic announced renewing the series for a twelfth season in June Archived from the original Mj on January 23, Languages Italiano Edit links. Also, I could not care less about the drama with Mama Coyne–it was a dumb plot to begin with and they barely began to even try to explore what it meant to Fiona–so I didn’t need to see the no doubt boring legal specifics of how everything was fixed up, but it was annoying how they just brought back Lire Coyne and Fiona’s endless money and nepotism to instantly fix her life and completely undo what little bit of independence Fiona had formed over the season.

Jenna is opposed to a friendship with Becky until she meets her attractive brother Luke. Part 1 ” on Amazon. Find More Posts by JustMe Retrieved September 26, Eli has to juggle opening night, fighting off Dallas, the Bakers, and a group of parents set on stopping the play while also seeking revenge for Clare.

Absolutely no comment on Eclare. I didn’t really care for Eli and Clare’s plot. My inner cynic thinks that Fimogen would’ve break up by a year or two later, to be honest. Marisol and Moe together