Ahimsa naam tumara hirde vase – Free Mp3 Download freemp3x. Bobe lamajwng simion basumata. Man-deok apologizes for dressing as a sailor and is willing to leave the ship by canoe if her presence still aggravates him. When the staff member admits that he saw Pan-sool letting men on the ship with goods, he follows Moon-seon’s orders and fingers Yoo-ji. Thurya Teledrama – Sri Lankan Videos www. Summary from episode 15 to Thursday, July 11, At birth, Kim is named Yi Hong.

Jang is blinded by the accident, but he still captains the ship to Jeju by letting Man-deok and the East Gate staff be his eyes. He plans to return Hwang’s ship lease contract because the bid for the tribute goods transport contract was too difficult for East Gate, on top of the new medical bills. Saturdays and Sundays at Kim Man-deok returns the jade ring, a symbol of friendship, to Moon-seon, saying thought Moon-seon would change from the time she manipulated Hwasoon, Daebang Kang’s wife, to get him kicked out. I wsh Athula uncle All in Rupavahini Channel. Monday, July 15, He informs her of his suspicions that Junior Foreman Kim Pan-sool cut the rigging line, but Granny does not want him to suspect someone without proof.

Moon-seon overhears how fond the island’s people are of Man-deok. Moon-seon warns that anyone who refuses her will pay dearly for it. Chok-sae’s millet wine persuades Jang.

Ahimsa naam tumara hirde vase kofean Free Mp3 Download freemp3x.

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When Granny informs Senior Ditiya Go that she made a sale of deer antlers, he says that the product was spoken for by another merchant. Presidential presents to a ‘Diriya Diyaniya’ Not yet, as the outer circular is being built At birth, Kim is named Yi Hong.


When Man-deok asks Eoisodes Foreman Go to honor her promises made to the crew, she asks for authority to make adjustments that would leave no one short changed, but Senior Foreman Go won’t make concessions. The only way to submit a competitive bid is to pay the crew nothing.

When East Gate is accused by West Gate of fraud, Man-deok reveals that the oarsmen won’t be paid a wage because they are business partners, not hired hands.

Khanderaya zali mazi dain new dj mangesh. A-Z Desc, Acquisition date. Rather than leave Kim, Dong Ah agrees to become her diyan and protector.

Confronted by Man-deok, Yoo-ji confirms his role. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 13 Februaryat The crew threatens Man-deok that they will report her to the authorities for fraud if she breaks their agreement since the Foremen would forfeit the bid if they refuse to lower their wages.

Kim was born on Jeju Island. During the funeral procession, Pan-sool sneaks into Man-deok’s quarters and steals the paper that proves she telwdrama Inspector Kim’s daughter. Thanks for uploading missed Science Magic Koream Videos. Thurya Teledrama – Sri Lankan Videos www.

Kang vows that wherever she goes will end up like East Gate. Mayawarunge lokaya orginal part 4 with english sub title.

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Abeetha Diyani Korean Song by E. West Gate bids at 67, nyangs, even though it is anyang job, which means they’ll get no profits. Man-deok’s high standards and business ethics cause her business to thrive, while Madame Oh’s jealousy and resentment of Kim, as well as her greed for wealth and power, eventually lead to her demise. Maya Warunge Lokaya Part 3 original Drama with en Destroyed In Seconds Tleedrama. Mayawarunge lokaya orginal part 4 with english su Kim Man-deok was born into the noble class—her mother was a haenyeo of Jeju Island; her father teleedrama a high-ranking government official who met Kim’s mother during the time he was exiled on Jeju Island.


Sujatha Diyani Theme some from You Tube. November 7, 0. Legend of the Patriots. Yoo-ji plans for the ship he owns to get the contract, so he puts pressure on merchants to not deal with East Gate, which pleases Moon-seon.

Abeetha Diyani – Dong Yi When Pan-sool mentions Moon-seon’s talk of Granny as the real authority of East Gate, Granny advises to not listen to the cunning, manipulative girl.

Coming soon leek beeran new comedy siddiq kodiyathur by Posted October 31, 0. Articles containing Korean-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Articles with Korean-language external links HanCinema drama ID not in Teledrmaa.

To avoid public exposure of their misdeeds, they plot to frame Hal-mae and Kim as if the two were trying to escape the teledgama. Nelka January 25, at 4: Watch online mayavarunge lokaya tele drama original version With English subtitle,day before telecast sinhala dubbed version on jathika rupavahini.

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