Seung-gi has done really well here Missing such a wonderful drama is really a shame. HA get a call ask him to leave. Things are going to be interesting Thank you girlfriday, your recaps completes my love for this drama. It has a role but is on precarious ground, and the Queen Mother is constantly aware of that and plays that roles with her community service and care for public opinion.

Were the security guys all at lunch or something? As much as I wanted to stream or download the vids, my connection’s not very much cooperative. Apr 12, at 8: Everyone knew he would die but the role was so good that the viewers are still impacted by a seemingly unclimatic death. Secretary Eun leads the security sweep of the mountain villa before the king and queen are left alone for their vacation. This drama is going to be one of the classics, and I can imagine in the future even schools will use for learning.

On the car ride out, Secretary Eun rattles off the situation and list of things to do Jae-shin is in surgery, meetings with leaders of the free world are lining up, he has to address the publicas Jae-ha just stares off like a zombie.

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Apr 1, at 6: But he really, really out-did himself here. I hope we get to see Hang-ah beat the living crap off Bong-gu and his posse.

You need to be a member in order to leave a ikng. As they lose consciousness, the glass in his hand falls to the ground.

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I can’t wait to see some royal ass kicking by Jae-Ha. JH is screaming something over his king brother. Apr 12, at 7: Aw, look at him stepping up to be king. He says, much like he knows very little about her both personally and in the North-South cultural waypeople will assume things of her, misunderstand her, burden her with prejudice and expectation. Ha Ji Won Main Cast. Can’t wait to see how the Princess and the Soldier progress. But then Dad suddenly gets down to the ground, in a full bow.


Thank you girlfriday, your recaps completes my love for this drama. Apr 13, at 6: And I expect him to suffer the consequences of that momentary lapse in judgement. A giant banner unravels: Oh and where is LSG’s song s?

JH is under the water The NK army breaks the door and looks around the swimming pool harts gun. I mean hdarts they were on vacation, they probably didn’t want to have people watching them be lovey dovey with each other. Must be the superb acting episods the cast This show is to be savored What a way to send a guy off. Will the unlikely duo overcome their initial animosity to find dramacfazy ground? Meta hewrts never after] Maybe Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

Meet the community members dedicated to bringing eposode the subtitles for this channel. And it’s something amazing at the same time – this drama is realistic and not really a drama drama, where everything is all happy happy. Holy crap the preview to ep 4 looks intense!!! Daebak acting all around from every single actors. I think that is so very apt given that a constitutional monarchy in itself is very fragile. HA is in the treatment room, desperated on remembering JH shooted the gun on her In real life a lot of lobbyist and businessmen put massive efforts in gaining hearys to get close to people in political positions or of public influence.

I have to keep telling myself its only a drama. Full one-file video downloads available for premium members nominal fees applicable. I think I shed tears for much of this episode. Can we talk abt the top-notch acting in this drama?!


episoed Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This is solely dedicated to the best all-around entertainer, the one and only, Lee Seung Gi.

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You deal with that one. Gets me every time. Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email Google. Though I don’t wish him not to open his heart and express his sorrow. Then paradise will open.

Can’t wait to watch this ep fully subbed altho I’ve already seen it raw.

One more blogger spreading TK2H love… http: Just read this article, Lee Teuk is freakin’ hilarious and kyopta for his effort to mimic Hang-Ah’s popularized K2H moment while pondering for something. Maybe I’ll watch it all at once after it’s done.

Mom says that she was a commoner when she married into the royal family, and she basically had to lie down on the ground. The scene when the secretary announces to JH that the King’s died Jae-ha walks down the hall and then stops spisode before entering the room. The reason why Ha posed like the picture will air on the March 29 episode of the series.

Now they are in a room and pointing gun each other. He truly deserves to be called an actor with this performance and a daesang nomination. I don’t think i’ve cried this much drammacrazy shining inhertance.