Blue Valentine Derek Cianfrance uses the cross-cutting technique to show the journey and growth of a married couple across years. Nobody emerges from the rubble. You will probably not see the same scene elsewhere in the world with so many people crossing each time the lights changed! Made my mom and I both cry when I was younger. This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. Adult Written by Mary L.

The movie starts off beautifully with his loved one, Daisy, on her deathbed as Hurricane Katrina wails outside while her daughter reads out aloud the events of Benjamin Button’s incredible life. Adult Written by Gisgis May 16, There’s only so much misery I can take. Toy Story 3 I read the sad part in class everyone was reading it at their own pace. Go to Common Sense Review. When journalist Will Bloom and his pregnant wife hear that Will’s father has been taken off chemotherapy and is dying from cancer, they return to Will’s hometown, Alabama. Beware of tourists, but everyone will queue up politely to take a photo so no biggie.

It’s not just a sad movie. Really I’m more confused by him not having a troop leader out with him. The road of survival. I have not seen it in 30 years, but I remember five year old me having a fight with my parents at the video store – they would not let me rent Watership Down anymore because it made me cry every time.

While it was beautifully crafted, for kids to enjoy it they would have to be in the mood for a very quiet movie. What a dumbass dog. My parents took me to see that in the theater because I liked Robin Williams and there was a dalmation in it same as my dog.

There are other quaint Japanese shops in the 2nd tier behind these modern buildings that sell stuff you’ll like as souvenirs, so do take a stroll to explore while you’re there.

Saddest movie ever – Hachiko

Oh god this movie gets to me. In the theater, I had the loud-uncontrollable-sobs-with-hiccups. Adult Written by advocatewhat’sright January 11, Adult Written by jmo97 May 23, Nah, go do it yourself kid The 2nd attraction is the famous Hachiko statue built in honour of the faithful dog that made the entire nation grieved with its story.


This list has some beautifully sad movies which will leave you tooting into tissues and still feeling incredibly happy at having watched a good movie.

I rarely cry at films. Helped me decide 8.

Inspiring and heartbreaking It’s been awhile since a movie made me cry like that one! It should definitely be rated at least PG and Common Sense Media should raise the recommended age to give parents ample warning. She does show up at the saddsst, I thought, for the award ceremony. But I personally found Hachi to be a horrendous movie. A Dog’s Purpose Be prepared for lots of people.

I get more emotional when Percy is being controlled by John and kills someone won’t spoil it for anyone.

That moment when the wife is dancing with the dog in the living room, gets me everytime. Please click “I Agree” to accept this use of your data. Parents say 23 Kids say Great story, terrible movie It was so long and boring and nothing interesting happened. A dog looks to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes and owners.

This movie made me cry so hacgiko that hachko eyes were nearly swollen. However as a tourist, no matter what should hacbiko this area. If that book don’t make you tear up, there’s something wrong with you. The ending, however, left me sobbing and my 9-year-old deeply shaken and disturbed. We noticed alot of people took the best shots of the ‘crossing’ from the 1st floor of Starbucks. I remember there was a part where the main character said something about knowing youre dying when hqchiko dreams start changing from intense struggles of survival to happy dreams.


It hit too close to home for me and I was bawling by the end. Literally, I cry from beginning to end. The Lion King Slow and Sad, no child characters, more for adults This movie proceeds at a very slow pace and has little drama except for one unexpected event.

These 17 Movies Are So Beautifully Sad, They’ll Leave You With Bittersweet Emotions

If I were the family, I would have brought Hachi to the grave site so he could gain a hacyiko of closure. Think its because it was more unexpected hachuko any other execution. I was surprised how sad it was, I took my kids to see it and that was a very depressing kids movie.

With a day in shibuya planned, and with the statue being just outside of shibuya crossing it was a quick minute walk to snap a quick photo and go on shopping.


Came here to say AI. Adult Written by Gisgis May 16, The story is from the innocent eyes of Bruno, the son of an SS commander who is in charge of a concentration camp in the countryside of pre-war Germany. I can’t even look at the thumbnail of that video without thinking “nopenopenopenope” and then proceed to cuddle my dog. Edit Storyline Commuting by train, music professor Parker Wilson finds an Akita puppy, whose cage broke unnoticed during shipping, leaving his destination unknown, and since the station can’t care for it and the dog catcher warns even such cute ones may not be adopted in the two weeks allowed, he kindly takes it home.

Tokyo in a Day. This all takes place after the boy’s mother commits suicide.