But Kaoru-chan Matsumoto also wants to have a go with Mizusawa Yamaguchi! Visit your “Email Preference” page. So, here they are. Buy if you can! Customer Reviews Find out what other customers have to say about this item. Ultraman King Voice [].

Boat Race Edokawa []. Product Details Catalog No. Please also write your own review. January Co-Host with Masakazu Morita. Combined with an impactful execution, he earned his reputation in voicing heroic protagonists commonly found in works of the mecha , fighting , and fantasy genres. Aaah, sorry I don’t have any of your requests. Riya is stressed because he wanted to return the key, and then it mysteriously disappears. Lelouch of the Rebellion —The Rebellion Path.

I still can’t cross the barriers of Fukuyama and Miyata’s voices Almost too good to be true.

Upon entering high school, Hiyama believed he could “finally start pursuing his dream of not participating in any school clubs,” but ends up nobuyukl reluctantly dragged into his high school’s radio club due to a close schoolmate of his wanting to join the club yet doesn’t want to enter the club alone. I think it might be because Tsuyuki Narita is such a bastard, of nobuyu,i. Pater Resonance of Fate collaboration event. TetsunoshinKochi Hijikata Yakitate!! Oh you poor, unfortunate soul!


CDJapan : Hey! Doctor Drama CD (Nobuyuki Hiyama, Isshin Chiba, et al.) CD Album

Tales of the Rays. Product Details Catalog No. Description The popular PlayStation 2 game “Tales of Rebirth,” completely converted into a new audio drama!

Co-Host with Toshiyuki Morikawa. Nobbuyuki got almost everything withing 24 hours.

Have you listened Border Line? Yu Yu Hakusho Blu-ray Box 3 ep. I have no idea what people think of the ratings and summaries and, and No, I haven’t listened! Zero the Enforcer [28].

Lelouch of the Rebellion —The Dra,a Path. But they do much more behind closed doors than is appropriate. I did not know that Dousaibou Seibutsu had a drama cd! Retrieved July 15, At least, of the manga. But the doctor Chiba Isshin has another remedy in mind than the normal pill.

Nobuyuki Hiyama

Ah, but poor, poor Atsushi This page Previous Entry Next Nobuhuki. I-I think I’m gonna snatch darma whooooole lot here If I would’ve rated it story by story it would’ve been: Robot Dad Strikes Back. It kinda gives the right idea of yaoi, you know? Starrs Toshiyuki Morikawa and Nobuyuki Hiyama about the moral code and friendship between men. January Co-Host with Masakazu Morita. Bobby Briggs Dana Ashbrook. Okay, yeah, I really love you for this.

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Starring Hiyama Nobuyuki – Boys’ Love Dramas

For more information, please see Service Details. Feel free to take. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Uiyama been looking into trying him but I don’t know which CDs are good Fire Walk With Me.

Narukawa’s senpai, Sugiura, accidentally eavesdrops about Riya’s childhood of abuse and the possibility of having dual-personality because of that. Takeshi Miyamoto [68] SSR: Narukawa’s cousin Saki-san Hirakawa Daisuke comes to see how his kitten is doing after hearing hiyaka his split personality. And when I was listening the names for the summary Sailor Moon Super S: So, here they are. Hiyama recalled their discussion “ended in dispute,” with his parents’ decision to not support his tuition in fear of “a business that is unheard of.

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