I have one large aerial photography quad and a small one for FPV and exploration. I wish I had read your article 3 months ago! Log-In Get access to additional features and goodies. I also found that I should have ordered spare parts. Originally Posted by bigbro if it’s the programable on like this. Just cut it to size, grind a flat on the shaft for the motor bell set screw, use some blue lock tite and you are good to go! Thanks for posting this I was able to find the right shaft on eBay, but it another thing I have to wait two weeks for being that it ships from china.

From what i understand if you set it to Lipo the ESC’s will automatically cut out if the battery voltage drops under a certain threshold to protect the battery however the Ni-xx setting wont. Jan 12, Took me three orders as well to get all the stuff. Point of Failure The multistar esc’s and breakout cables are great in the aspect that all i have to do is plug it all in. But might as well jump in with both feet. I’m also making build thread about quad. I also found that I should have ordered spare parts.

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Well Im getting a USB programming card to program my esc then bigbro! You need to log-in to comment on articles.

The shafts are being a pain to remove, but with the right equipment I should be able to get them out. Thank you for adding that. There is a way to do it with the sticks but I don’t Remember what our where it is.


The motors I bought are great, and have great performance, but parts aren’t readily available. Those of you that have experience with this might see the order as a little light and ill informed, and I soon discovered you’d be right.

I will still use my kk2. Log In to reply. After I posted I got it, but thanks btw cause you confirmed that I did it right. Know what your buying! Thats also why I am so excited about the telemetry on my Frsky mod. I also ordered a few extra things to make the install and set up a little easier programming card and breakout cable. Now I think I learned the lessons that 188-20a are teaching you here. Thank you so much birgbro for your answer. Jan 12, Still however, I made a critical mistake. Yea echo I defiantly don’t want them cutting of on my quad in mid air, same as a heli that can’t auto-gyrate.

Glad I could help. So, with some research, and far too much excitement, I put together a hobbykjng to build a quadcopter together.

Not a good idea for ESC’s to cut out for heli! I also found that I should have ordered spare parts. PewPewPew on December 20, You escc find replacement shafts in your LHS.

Keep posting your experiences! I would be grateful. Apr 10, Good luck with it, but I’d suggest not skimping where you can. Building quads is very addictive for me. It’s amazing how much information is out there on quadcopters, and Flitetest. I programmming others can learn from me rather than learning the hard way.


But might as well jump in with both feet. Remember Me Forgot Password? I had some idea of what i wanted it to be, and made my first order.

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I’m building a tri-copter and quad. Thanks for this info. Thanks Bigbro, I was looking for those instructions. That’s why I’m sharing it. This brings me to lesson two. Sep 05, But the way I see it is I am on V2 for the two quads that I have Right up until one of the ESC wires came unplugged and I lost a motor. Hk had a programming card for it that made it very simple.

By the way Spencer, how did you solve the bent shaft issue? With little hesitation, I put together an order that seemed to me, quite sufficient.

HK SS Series 18-20A ESC (card programmable)

It also won’t stop beeping, beep beep pause, beep beep pause etc. Apr 14, Apr 15, Knowing by now, that I would need it. I have one large aerial photography quad and a small one for FPV and exploration. As for the bent motor shafts, that leads me to lesson four. Apr 11, ,