Retrieved May 7, The Starlite Drive In shows one double feature on a single screen every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night during the summer. It is also, unlike many drive-ins, an architectural gem, created in the art deco style. The Tiger Drive-In has become a center for local culture. The Tru Vu Drive In offers a single double feature every night during the summer months. The Hi-Way Drive In Theatre is small, but provides first-run drive in films to those along the coastal area of California. They show three double features per week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Retrieved January 18,

They are associated with the local indoor Egyptian Theatre. They have a single screen, and show two movies per night. They allow you to bring in your own food. They run Thursday through Monday nights, and change over their movies every Friday. They have a single screen, and show a double feature every night of the week. The evening provides a double feature with two first-run films. They have an especially friendly website with homey photographs and a forum.

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The Holiday Twin Drive-In moviess two double features, one on each of its two screens. It has two screens, each of which shows a double feature, seven days per week, year round. Imperial Dreams Official poster. Once again playing the anti-hero, Imperial Dreams is another victory lap zvnts this young actor, who’s going to go on to do big, big things.

Despite being largely out of the way and having only two screens, its Facebook page has over fans.

Coupons imperiaal available on their website, so you should do some printing before heading out. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Located on historic Route 66, Litchfield Skyview Drive In provides double features every weekend of first-run movies and is one of two theaters in Illinois with the same name.


They have an especially friendly website with homey photographs and a forum.

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Imperal that glass bottles are not permitted in the drive-in. Their diner is open seven days per week, and the movie theater is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays not Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as is typical. Please enjoy our comprehensive list of all the drive-in movie theaters in California. The Mauifest Drive-In is tied to a large, roaming local arts festival named Mauifest.

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The theater is very popular, so you should get there early to get a good spot. Please enjoy our list of the drive-in movie theaters in Hawaii. You can rent a room in the hotel and watch zvnets movie from your room, if you like, rather than drive in with your car.

Because it is a community, non-profit drive-in, it has lower prices than many other drive ins. The imperiap has a two-sided screen, showing two double-features per night. If you sign up on their website, they will provide coupons. The Idan-Ha Theater shows a single move each evening, all summer long. The theater itself shows a single double-feature every night. Founded inthe Lake Worth Drive in has two screens, each of which shows a separate double feature every night.

They provide a full concession stand including hotdogs and hamburgers, and pride themselves on providing a friendly environment, especially for children. It is one of three drive-ins with the same name in Idaho.

They have a playground for children before the movie starts, and they do not allow pets. They offer a full sit-down mean with a full grill, serving tenderloins and other food.


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The Theatre doubles as a swap meet during the day. Tilley, a veteran of the Normandy invasion, who discovered swans during his time in England and decided to name his theater after them. Retrieved January 18, They show double features on their single screen every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

Since the sound goes over the radio, you can listen to the movie as well. If you are interested in the story of its reopening, there is a story in the Santa Barbara Independent. They are open weekends from Friday to Sunday, and provide a much wider experience than most drive ins.

The theater is combined with a swap meet that runs seven days per week, as well. Imperial Dreams received positive reviews from critics. The Route 66 Drive In provides a traditional drive-in experience on the historic Route It is the third drive-in with the same name in Idaho. The Swan Drive-In shows movies every weekend, with a double feature on Fridays and Saturdays and a single movie on Sundays. In omvies to recoup the costs of their low ticket prices, they ask that patrons not bring their own food.


They show a single first-run movie on Friday and Saturday nights on each of two screens. The Solano Drive-In has two screens, each showing a movie per night.

The movies are first run and they tend to focus on action films.