In five-minute intervals, everyone must move their grip down a knot, making it harder to hold — especially at the end, when they have no knots left to help keep the pole up. Phillip and Brandon stepped away from camp to again try to settle things between them. The Fans lost the Immunity Challenge even though Reynold’s accurate throwing during the sandbag throwing stage nearly gave them a huge come from behind victory. Unless Eddie, Reynold, and Malcolm are able to pull off some really impressive mind-fuck maneuvers on the remaining six in Stealth, one of them is going home this week. Cochran is in trouble nooo! This group of Favorites made a lot of big time blunders their first time playing. Goliath Edge of Extinction

They continued the challenge for three hours when they agreed to share the reward note and to make up their own fourth stage of the challenge by lifting their left foot off the top of the a-frame. They would then assemble the rails into a ladder to play a variation of ladder toss. Phillip told Sherri that she could advance in the game by voting for Corinne. Laura Alexander 23, Washington, D. A shocked Brenda would turn towards Dawn and Cochran and state “I was honest with you guys, I was genuine with you guys”, before dissolving into tears on the walk off. Now let’s be frank here, everyone knows you already do this. Jeff called Brenda over and gave her the offer to select one other castaway to join them and Brenda selected Dawn.

As for how Cochran and Malcolm stole the clue and advantage — that is a good observation.

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Trying to gather support to blindside Phillip, Corinne talked to Dawn about joining the blindside. I like auctions to be fun and for morale to be restored. On the revote, Julia was sent home. Is that something that happens, some kind of producer magic that keeps the ball rolling?

With the second heat down to four, Malcolm won the heat and Eddie should have joined him, but he missed the post with his second ring, allowing Brenda to join the final round.

Phillip and Brandon stepped away from camp to again try to settle things between them. Production of the show took place in the Caramoan Islands in the Philippinesthe same location as the previous season.

This season is on such a roll.

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While the others were on their reward, Malcolm approached Sherri and Dawn about splitting off from the Stealth R Us alliance and taking control of the game. Retrieved March 7, Yes, there’s another idol available, and he wisely pays big money to gain access to it, but But when Tribal Council came, the Favorites did not blindside Brenda and instead sent Reynold to the jury. Phillip told Matt and Michael that he was voting for Caraoan and that they could join the Stealth R Us alliance if they followed one of his orders some time in the future.


There’s so much to work with here. Eddie asked Sherri if she felt she got carried to the final three to which she replied forcefully she did not only to invoke laughter from several jury members, Dawn about how she could declare herself a strong player when she was seen as weak at camp, and Cochran about how the game had changed him going forward orobst life and asked if he would ever go on a bro date with the Three Amigos. While on their reward, Eddie, Michael, and Reynold pitched to Cochran an all guy alliance, but that did not appeal to Cochran as he did not want to join in an alliance with the Fans.

Powered by adrenaline, she starts buzzing around, trying to figure out who to blindside and eventually settling on Brenda. After 15 minutes, the castaways would move up to a second set of slats making jerf more difficult. The season filmed from May 21 — June 28,and premiered on February 13,with a special minute episode.

One at a time, the teams would race through an obstacle course of balance beams, a water slide, and a mud pit. While Eddie seemed the likely next target, he was spared when the former members of Stealth R Us decided to turn on one of their own, eliminating strategic threat Andrea with caramkan Idol in her pocket, and Brenda after a kind-hearted gesture at the Loved Ones Challenge put her in a good social ;robst.

Dawn, the final challenge advantage, and controversial new reunion show format”.

Or would you rather punch it up with Mordecai and Rigby yelling “Oooooohhhh!!! When the vote came, Reynold played his Hidden Immunity Idol, but it was not needed as the majority alliance decided to keep the tribe physically strong and sent Laura home. caramoab

Survivor recap: Tears, Beers, and Fears

Nothing big episodf on Survivorright? When the voting came at Tribal Council, the Favorites decided to vote out Pobst and he was sent home. He had the social game from day one. Over at Gota, Shamar’s laziness at camp was annoying the tribe and the alliance of Allie, Eddie, Hope and Reynold wanted to vote him out.


This is rookie behavior! Reynold tossed the Idol over and Malcolm sudvivor it. Bikal won nearly all the challenges and was dominated by an alliance led by Phillip, dubbed “Stealth R Us”. Thirty minutes into the challenge, the castaways moved to caraamoan top of the a-frame where Dawn, Sherri, and Reynold fell off, leaving Andrea and Brenda to fight it out. The two tribes were selected prior to the start of the game: What happens to the money they hand over to you at the auction? The castaways and their loved ones would spin around in circles to unscrew three rails.

Facing off two on two, the tribes would try to retrieve a ring and return with it to their starting flag. Handing an idol over to an ally is caraoan great move if it helps shift the numbers and balance of power in the game see: The three would then dive down to release bamboo sticks in a cage to free nine rings.

Of the ten cast members that were allowed to sit on the stage, only six were spoken to Cochran, Dawn, Andrea, Reynold, Malcolm, and Phillip. Caramoan – Fans vs.

He used this advantage to ultimately defeat Eddie and take his second Individual Immunity. The last castaway that hangs onto the handle without falling into the water or stepping off the log would win.

When the castaways returned from the visit, Cochran was concerned that Brenda’s gesture would protect her for the rest of the game and would even get her votes at the final Tribal Council.

The third round would be the three castaways eating baluts with two moving on. Seeking to punish Malcolm for his disloyalty, the core alliance told Malcolm that the Stealth R Us alliance would be splitting the vote between Eddie and Reynold when in reality they would be voting for Malcolm. He got into a major argument with Sherri about her game play epixode Sherri told him to sit down since he would not vote for her anyway.

There really was no other choice.