Nandi episodes, Maharshi Markandeya asks Him Naresh to leave his wife and daughter in his ashram. Vidyunmali offers Lord Shiva to relieve from his service if he frees Tarakasur from stranglehold. As per the guidelines of Nandavrata book, Sati prepares a Shivling with clay. Rishi Kashyap gets worried on learning Rishi Bhrigu’s prediction. Rishi Brahaspati informs Indradev that Tarakasur is coming towards heaven. A grief-stricken Nandi pleads Mahadev to let him stay under his hermitage but, Mahadev stays impervious to his pleas.

Add the first question. Prajapati Daksh blames Shiva for Sati’s dismal condition. Mahadev gets mesmerized to see a veena and recalls Sati by playing it melodiously. On the other hand, Sati falls for Mahadev and confesses her love before Madanike. Undeterred by Mahadev’s rejection, Sati ascertains Madanike about bringing the Mahayogi out of his Vairagya. Lord Shiva reciprocates her feelings. Daksh assures Sati that he will not arrange her marriage without her consent.

Sati searches Lord Shiva by meditation and approaches him. Vishnu suggests him to take help from Lord Shiva. The deities are tensed because of Mahadev’s decision to stay in Him Naresh’s house. Revati asks Sati to follow her heart, while Sati wishes to return Nandavrata book to Anusuya.

Mahadev sends the Saptarishis to Parvati’s parents with the proposal of his marriage with Parvati. Story of the most precious warrior pf Kaurvas in Mahabharata. Meanwhile, Rishi warns Daksh to marry off Sati at the earliest. Him Naresh finds Parvati unconscious. Mahadev appears in front of Parvati as a devotee.


But, all their apprehensions disappear as Lord Shiva himself welcomes them to Kailash and proposes to have food with them. Daksh gifts some luxurious things to Shiva as Sati is used to live a royal life.

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Commencing the third phase of the Mahamandal, Daksh instills his faith in Chandrama to epsode the Spring Festival without any hitch. This show tells you each and every aspect of life and struggles of Suryaputra Suryaputra Karn TV Series She thinks it is the Lord’s blessing which miraculously healed her illness after listening to Jata’s soothing voice.

Tarakasur plans to kill the deities when they come out of Dadhichi’s ashram but Mahadev assigns Nandi to protect them. But, Nandi comes to rescue the deities, but loses his life. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed.

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On hearing her prayer, Lord Shiva regards her spiritual love for him and appears before her at the Daksh’s palace. A displeased Prasuti tries to bring alive the caring father hidden behind King Daksh’s heartless principles.

Nandi prays to Mahadev to understand Parvati’s devotion, but Mahadev sticks to his decision. Feeling pity over Daksh’s ignorant behaviour, Narad Muni questions Mahadev over his repeated denials to accept Devi Sati.

Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev

Snubbing the proposal, Mahadev puts across his vistas for leading a contented life which does not need peisode Mahamandal meeting. Sati, recalling Mahadev’s compassion, laments to Revati. Mahadev and Parvati reach Kailash. Tarakasur is furious at his sons and informs Shukracharya that he will consider his suggestions.


Sati’s plea falls on deaf ear as both Daksh and Prasuti remain unmoved. Later, Rishi Markandeya gets enlightened by Parvati’s power. Sati wishes to go to Daksh’s yagya along with Lord Shiva; however Lord Shiva denies going without an invitation.

Mahadev explains the perception of love to Parvati epjsode asks her to come along with him to Kailash mzhadev start their married life. Nandi is restless as he awaits Mahadev’s wake up. Lord Vishnu helps Parvati to make the shivling. Parvati senses that Mahadev is creating problems as she had ignored him.

Rishi Dadhichi asks Sati to touch the Shivaling in order to get rid of the conflicting thoughts over Mahadev. Mahadev appears while Sati collects ash of a burning dead body and suggests her not to proceed with Nandavrata. Mahadev is tormented to see Sati’s dead body.

Lord Shiva rescues the deities by using stranglehold on Tarakasur.