Despite everything -you think I would steal? I asked you first. The mom and J actually have a nice moment while reviving their ducklings. I was so disappointed. She changes the subject and asks her sons again why they fought. TB says he knows that too and that he will handle it. Your email address will not be published.

We upload it to sub it, but we are facing issues to find enough subbers to help on this project. They have two different conversations. Looks likely that they will look down on him. Running Man game Show Episode TP asks TB to go with him. It’s one of my favorite family dramas now, though I can’t say if I like it more than Sons of Sol Pharmacy.

Thanks for the wrap up GF. That you are pregnant? I love this OTP, and I was pleasantly surprised by both leads’ performances. You are commenting using your WordPress. Too bad its 58? TB pulls back and says he chose it himself.

Even if the President dub Korea came and told me to hand it over — I will never give it to him. Everyone in epixode Hwang family is unhappy with the news that even Bok-ja stole Ja-eun’s contract and throws Ja-eun out of the house. September 20, at 8: So the wedding successfully completed, hitches and all, they head off to their honeymoon.

I wonder which drama will fill the void that Ojakgyo left?

Even though this is a longish drama, I loved every minute of it! September 20, at 1: And I went into the bedroom to collect empty cups. The mom worries about the ducklings. TH backs TP and says the brothers drank a lot too. Later, it was that revealed Tae-hee’s father, who is Chang-sik’s brother, was hit and run by Baek In-ho’s friend who framed him for 26 years ago. I loved almost everyone in this show so much except for Granny and Dad, who were the most annoying characters, and sometimes Soo-young’s momand even if the plot-logic was a little shaky, there’s no denying that the characters got you in the heart.


Ojakkyo Brothers E13 and E14

The mom pets O and tells it to have some strength — if you die like this — unni J will be so sad so what do we do — have some strength. Syb compliments SY saying her name is as pretty as her face. Ojakgyo Brothers – Episode 5. Dad and mom — I want to have this baby. Who told you to work here so why are you complaining?

Then only we can ask the manager. Yeah, it’s not as addictive as say, Secret Garden or Full House Ja-eun finds herself at a crossroads as the wedding approaches — she gets offered an internship in the states for a year. Her father is lost in the sea and her selfish stepmother leaves her after her father is bankrupt. She notices her pen and TH lies he got it at a stationary story.

She mentions how she was charging her phone here —when it gets to evening this is where I am most of the time.

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He meets with Hye-ryung one last time to say goodbye, not so much to her, but to that ten-year relationship and his lovelorn self. She hears the family coming in.


J stares and pets her duckling and says in her head: Legend Of Fu Yao Episode TB bows to her. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. I know you are angry and disappointed but I came cuz ….

Ojakgyo Brothers episode 28 English Sub [1/2] – video dailymotion

How could you just pack your bags and come back in the middle of attending school? Ojakgyo Brothers – Episode September 19, at 1: I hope Uee and Joo-won would date for real It would have been a better drama without the extension, but I honestly am impressed by how little we felt the extra eight episodes.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. The woman at the front desk wont give out any info about J and tells them to leave. Ojakgyo Brothers – Episode 3.


Ojakgyo Brothers – Episode 6. KBS Drama Awards [8]. September 19, at 2: He continues his crazy childish jealous streak with Kim Jae-ha, which start to go overboard for me, because at some point you wonder what the point is, since you already got the girl. J goes to school and her two friends walk by her like they are ignoring her.