I loose 1h30 of my life please give me back. Instead we want a beautiful woman being a superwoman. For me I enjoyed the deeper, trippy concepts that made up the heart of the story. What is it called? Honestly, don’t even bother. Ozy Oct 1, Lots of humor to offset the ridiculousness of the concept s.

Shut up, yes you do. Here was a chance for Scarlett Johansson to kick some ass for 80 minutes and somehow there was no fun, no humor, no triumph of smartness over dumbness. Not incredible, but a good, fun Sci-Fi movie that is also pretty visually impressive. I did not care for most of the action. I thought the movie was great. Unfortunately, once the movie got to the whole “brain expansion” thing it quickly become silly, cliched, and tiresome.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? I worked on the scientific part for a couple of years first before I go to oucy think about the script. I liked the story and I liked the subject matter. If one overlooks the ridiculously unsupported premise of the entire film, and gets into the mindset that this is a particularly detached from reality sci-fi, and therefore ignores the impossibility of things narrated, Lucy still has major If one overlooks the ridiculously unsupported premise of the entire film, and gets into the mindset that this is a particularly detached from reality sci-fi, and therefore ignores the impossibility of things narrated, Lucy still has major flaws, especially in the choices of storytelling and character development.

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I need to have all this sensitivity […] so when I want to do something important I have all this strength. Enzymes in cells are used to produce other sorts pdh4 molecules that are necessary for the cell to operate.

Even so, seeing him get done in twice was satisfying in a way that only a good revenge fantasy can be.

Mindful task takes place when you consider something. Proving that you sure didn’t change anything with that whole time travel trip.

Universal Pictures Release Date: Great popcorn flick, moves fast, and it “makes you think”. Taipei, Triads, Paris, Rome, an irreverently hilarious English guy. I am sure Freeman also knows enough to know his lines were For anyone who knows anything about neuroscience this movie is such an insult to your intelligence that the movie is permanently ruined as soon as Morgan Freeman opens his mouth.


So in a film was launched called Lucy starring the wonderful Scarlett Johansson and also the ever before delightful Morgan Freeman. Please don’t waste your time watching this. About midway through, I decided to give it a chance.

Please sign in or create an account before writing a review. I think she will be benevolent. I did not care for most of the action.

The film starts with a cell, and the funny thing is if you see the film again the first image is a cell dividing in two, and passing on to the next one, which is in fact the pch purpose of the film right there on the first image. It started out as an action film, with oddly placed comedic moments, and gratuitous ,ovie of animals evolving, and threw in a bunch This was really, really bad.

Although unrealistic, it is a movie that challenges you to push the limits of your thoughts and your mind. He luc handcuffs her to this briefcase and then sends mlvie into the hotel. DanBurrito Oct 3, So few actors can manage so deadpan they could be in a coma. This is an excellent movie for the initiated. It’s an acquired taste that feels least satisfying in the traditional areas super-power battle sequences, for example and Lucy is an unusual film.

Had there been any sort of real threat — the entire conflict is that Lucy, the superhuman drug-created mutation decides to take down the drug lords who injected her The Chinese gangleader is one bad-ass, but not entirely believable as a worthy foe for Scarlett.

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The movie Limitless including Bradley Cooper additionally utilized the same basic idea as well as crafted its story around the purely fictitious medication NZT. If you liked the movie “Limitless” clear pills that made a pc4h Kinda dumb premise, but entertaining nonetheless. It’s so damn retarded and randomly confusing, that people in the theaters were laughing at it the whole time.


JaysonKent Sep 29, What in the hell did they smoke?

Expect a ljcy action thriller that is smart enough to give you some fun summer entertainment, but at the same time will leave you a bit confused towards its closing credits. The silliness of its science and the fact that the director tries to convince you that the bogus you’re watching is actually based on science, while it obviously is not, can be really frustrating, while maybe if the film didn’t pretend to be scientific, smart or philosophic, it could be at least a fun-to-watch straight-forward bit-em-up action film.

Lucy is a crazy, mind boggling mess of a film. This movie needed a This movie tries way to hard. Estradiol or its derivative: So i hope the video has an “uncut” version.

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movje Synthesis of an updated Unfortunately, once the movie got to the whole I went into this movie with pretty low expectations. Please Luc, do another Minimoys but no more movies.

The whole Plot is based around this wrong thesis. Except drawn out, like a whole move. Scarlett doing the “zone outs” and focusing on people and matter is a great move on a futuristic scale.

Even the action scenes themselves are senseless as they are disconnected. Many other types of media have exploited this suggestion to make an appealing item of fiction. You have to watch for comedic value alone Then there is the french cop who isn’t as stunned as he should be.

I actually created an account just so I could warn others away from this movie!