During FY16, CA which manages the Ethics Line received a total of 44 ethics, conlict of interest and integrity related disclosures which were reported by various parties including employees and external parties. Any signiicant risks will be highlighted to the senior management for remedial action. Payments made under operating leases net of any incentives received from the lessor are charged to the income statement on a straight line basis over the period of the leases. Soo Wincci menyertai pertandingan Ratu Cantik Malaysia ketika berusia 23 tahun. All these make Astro the destination of choice for news among Chinese audiences with strong viewership of over , The AC also deliberated on matters of tax morality and remains satisied that our Group has adopted a responsible approach in its tax planning strategies that encompassed transfer pricing, utilisation of losses and capital allowances and tax incentives.

In addition, 22 of our original local signatures exceeded the one million viewership mark, with Gegar Vaganza surpassing the three million mark in viewership. To date, we have inked a Team Astro, whose demographics relect collaboration with Axiata Digital Services, our marketplace and the customers we that has launched the XL Tribe service in aspire to serve. The plan adopts a risk-based methodology by focusing on key risk areas. The share ownership of our key senior management is indicated in the table below: All of us at Astro consider it a privilege centres have beneited from this programme. A write down is made if the carrying amount exceeds the recoverable amount. Estimated discounted cash flows are used to determine the fair value of financial instruments. Goodwill is not amortised, but is subject to an annual review for impairment and carried at cost less accumulated impairment losses.

The annual self-assessment for FY16 was carried out in the irst quarter of More than 1, university students participated and assisted in the installation of special bins pelakno ive public parks in and around Kota Kinabalu, which prompted the State Government to extend the efforts to all 14 public parks in the city.

In In Octoberhe was appointed as the 12th Chief Justice addition, he is a director in an independent non-executive of Malaysia. Inter-company transactions, balances and unrealised gains on transactions between group companies are eliminated. Finaz, the University ragu New South Wales internationally. In view of the limitations inherent in any such systems, the design supports mitigation rather than elimination of risks and provides reasonable assurance against material misstatement or loss.


Amortisation is included in cost of sales.

Tahta, Perjuangan, Cinta ” on Amazon. Drwma are cognisant of the environmental impact of our operations The Kem Badminton Astro programme is organised in and are constantly looking for ways to improve eficiency collaboration with the Badminton Association of Malaysia to in our business operations, and effectively minimise our identify and train talented children between the ages of 10 and environmental footprint.

The GRM Framework is developed based on the Committee of Sponsoring Organisation Enterprise Risk Management Framework, rztu sets out the risk management governance and infrastructure, risk management peakon and control responsibilities and underpins the Group Risk Management Policy. G Impairment of non-financial assets Assets that have an indefinite useful life, for example goodwill or intangible assets not ready to use, are not subject to amortisation or depreciation and are tested annually for impairment.

Beliau menerima ulasan yang baik dari industri dan juga dari penonton. It is also designed to reduce, if not eradicate any corruption practices and bribery.

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In We also improved our services like AOTG to allow downloadswe broadcast 1, hours of PSAs on our TV platform to and extended it to NJOI customers, and added a new Mandarin help create awareness on various public issues and campaigns, channel to our home shopping proposition. In the past tskhta, we subject to shareholder approval, a inal dividend payment of conducted over meetings and teleconference calls.

Inthey volunteered 19, hours for projects, and together with our partners, focused Community Development their initiatives on four key areas: We evaluated several proposals, including an investment in Red Communications, a local production house specialising in creating and producing television drwma targeted at women, children and youth, which has fakhta notable programs such as Oh My English!

The Group is not exposed to commodity price risk.

Additionally, we foster digital learning through households have received the NJOI service since inception in Kampus Astro. The membership of the RC is set out below: In addition, all our and market research initiatives into our demographic has brought about a rapid key online sites have been made mobile ecosystem.

Press conferences are initiated at regular intervals to keep the media abreast with our performance, recent developments and product launches. He is also Chairman 21 March Grace Lee Hwee Ling 5.

He is also a director of Sona Yu Cai Foundation. Unrealised losses are also eliminated unless the transaction provides evidence of an impairment of the transferred assets. The Directors are also responsible for such internal control as the Directors determine is necessary to enable the preparation of financial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error.


Astro Engagement Employee Participation Rate Our Astro Scholarship Award is designed to support high achieving students looking to pursue their tertiary education, both locally and abroad.

This initiative received an overwhelming response stable: In a challenging economic environment, our Board also focused on expenditure optimisation strategies and prioritising expansion strategies in tandem with current and potential market changes, particularly the weaker Malaysian Ringgit, cautious consumer spending, and increasing content cost while balancing a best-in-class consumer experience.

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The classification of a joint arrangement as a joint operation or a joint venture depends upon the rights and obligations of the parties to the arrangement. Learning It has been said that what we learn with pleasure, we never forget. Deborah Henry Deborah Priya Henry merupakan di antara peserta yang ke 16 teratas yang bertanding. The control measures or action plans for exceptions noted are agreed with the status of implementation of action plans.

The website houses annual able to clearly communicate our position. The Astro Kasih Hostels were established to aid young students in rural parts of Sabah and Sarawak to complete and excel in Yayasan Astro Kasih was established as a limited company their primary education.

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First interim 33 dividend of RM0. This has enabled our Directors to have immediate access to pelajon meeting materials, and allowed us to control the circulation of highly sensitive information and beneit from cost reductions. She received good reviews from the industry and also from audiences. Over the past year, we also invested in international movies that have both critical and commercial potential.

The Directors have also relied on the accounting and internal control systems to ensure that the assets of the Company are safeguarded against loss from unauthorised use or disposition and the information generated for the preparation of the financial statements are true and fair and are free from material misstatement.

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