This needs a lot of thinking to get the right answer! I mean it’s very easy for me to copy data, any data. What i didn’t like was the fact that he was telling you that there is no reason not to buy anime. Transformation Rice Furikake Gohan Stanlick. I actually didn’t know that, sorry to hear that. Another thing that isn’t on the screenshot is my mouse cursor.

Well i cannot post the sound as a picture here, I just tested it myself. The only people at fault are the people who upload so about I actually didn’t know that, sorry to hear that. Aside from buying them, the only other choice was to torrent, and I don’t blind buy so you can probably guess what I chose. BBCode Aliis si licet, tibi non licet. By the way, let’s not divert the main concern of this topic to “Subs vs Dubs”, we had enough of these discussions. If they did, they would make more effort to broadcast to a wider audience.

That’s just me though. I don’t know why people are so annoyed when other people stream their anime illegally or not. You have to put it somewhere on the boarder so it doesn’t annoy you.

Illegal Streaming and Downloading

Home; About; Contact; Search. If you want to see this industry evolve for the better, stop letting them rip you off just so you can feel good about “supporting the industry”. I don’t believe you can persuade someone into being “completely legit” without sounding like an asshole to those who don’t believe in what you’re trying to say. This topic has not been locked and is still available for discussion.


Hmm I understand the argument. Again, it comes out as neutral.

Future viewing is stupid? But so far I think torrents are pretty nice.

I watched that video animefrreak I don’t mind his argument, but there is one thing I do disagree with him strongly on. S when they don’t have much of those laws.

Earl and Fairy – EP 1 Eng Dub – Dailymotion Video

Actually, it is illegal if it’s copyrighted. The opening sounds like a cheap youtube p soundrip. Let’s say Funimation has just gotten the licensing rights to your favorite anime, BUT you despise dubs and are currently watching the series through illegal means, You say to yourself: I actually didn’t know that, sorry to hear that.

Take an mp3 for example.

soul eater episode 32 anime freak

Am I not doing something nice, I give away things for free, without stealing it from others, since all I did was copying the original. When is fairy tail episode 30 coming out in English dubbed?

Just saying it’s illegal.

Triko has already came out. Now, If you were a fan of dubs and the company in question gave it an English adaptation you might consider purchasing such product, but only if you liked the original series’s sub or found the dub through other means.

I don’t want to blame the victim here, but if it’s really a problem for the industry, they’re probably going to have to adapt sooner or later.

The problem is that the anime industry is so dependent on selling physical discs at batshit-crazy prices! Wow spain sucks hard.


But that usually is only for new unpopular series. If you are convinced you should never pay at all for anything, then you are the douches.

What is the website for watching fairy tail episodes in English dubbed

Well i cannot post the sound as a picture here, I just tested it myself. Shokugeki no Soma – Wikipedia Food Wars!: Yes, the quality is worse, but at the same time I like to support the companies that are localizing it – and, honestly, I think it’s selfish not to if the option is available.

Shokugeki no Soma Food Wars!: I personally don’t believe in ani,efreak wrongs or rights, so I can’t tell you, but apparently people like Arkada think it is morally wrong to pirate anime. The reason anime has gotten cheaper is because there is a bigger demand for it as epiaode more popular. When you buy any sort of media player be it a computer, an Ipod, an mp3, a TV and even a computer monitor you’re forced to pay a ”special tax” which was enforced to ”prevent piracy”.

Shun Saeki Read Food Wars!: I prefer subs, but I don’t mind dubs. And about physical media?