Each valve has two wires. Only one wire can be installed into each terminal. The other valve wire is to be. The wire can be buried in the. Connecting Controller Wires to Valves. If you want to change the cycle start times, watering days, or watering inter-. Water pressure is too high.

This dial makes it easy. Control your sprinklers with the touch of. Enter the watering duration for each station assigned to Program A. The controller has a built in transformer that. International Models , , , If the distance between the controller and valves is under ‘ m ,.

To help you visualize how best to program the controller, it might be helpful. This turns all watering off and is essentially used as a sys.

Instead, the controller activates the first program cycle and then activates the. A mounting template is provided to assist you in mounting the controller. Fasten the wires to the terminal block ensuring.

The display is completely interac. In the B-Interval Program irrigaxione, fill in the desired interval 1 to 28 or.

Toro Ugello Precision 12 (3,6 mt)

The controller has a nipple-mounted external power connection [Figure 23]. Program A – Days. Tutta ItaliaTutti i risultati trovati: Before you begin programming, it is important irrrigazione install the batteries, set the. Ti presentiamo in questa sezione gli irrigatori statici, gli irrigatori a turbina, gli irrigatori statici con testina MP Rotator e gli irrigatori per campi da gioco. The model number can be found on the back of the housing. This prevents the con.


Toro Ugello Precision 12 (3,6 mt) – Nozzle Precision Toro – Spray heads pop-up – IRRIGATION

Programmatore per irrigazione Orbit. Brown and Neutral is Blue, there is no ground connection required. Automatic valves are available in anti-siphon.

The controller has three programs that control a variety of watering plans. Please read this manual completely before you begin to program and use the.

Loosen the screw on the cord restraint and the three screws on the terminal. The Controller has separate compartments.


If you want to change the cycle start times, watering days, or watering inter. Any or all days in the two-week. Weak or missing batteries can cause the time, date, and program to be erased. After 14 days, the A program continues to repeat itself – there is no.

Be sure to place a 5770 gasket and lid on the junction box. Working in conjunction with the rotary dial, the buttons are used to set the.


Watering All Stations Once. The controller requires two AA alkaline batteries to keep the program in. Derie a location near a standard electrical outlet. Take off the terminal compartment cover of the controller by unscrewing the. One wire is to be connected as the common. The controller has the intelligence to “stack” start times that might overlap.

Rain BirdIrrigatore statico Uni Spray mod. Turn off the AC power at the AC circuit breaker and apply an foro.