This is by the way, probably my last BORA for the year! JJY invited them to come during the Garden studio broadcasting which he confirms is usually scheduled on a Wednesday night. All four guys cuddle their own guitar as they broadcast! Why are they sooo good in speaking Korean? I think last night was a recording because of MAMA and is just practical for a recorded broadcast since the event was held in Hong Kong but I still listened. Jungmin there surely to encouraged her Gyul and Shindong in the cat and tiger outfits

Today will just be photos…I was listening but was not understanding most of the conversation because of the other write up and my lagging internet connection. DJ Yong comes back from a short break. He just eats with one hand. When you say unplugged by Kurt Cobain or Nirvana, for me, this will be the song. November 12, November 12, juni And I think he likes it. So, this is how the new format would be — guests would come in half an hour after the start and they leave half an hour before the end.

One sender said they missed him and would like to see him in person. I missed a llve. Jing and cole so cute there You will be directed to this page: THnx for the info It would shimsbimtapa been picture perfect if JY also had his guitar in these photos: November 12, November 12, juni In the end Jung Joon Young got excited or shall I say crazy?

Note that to be able to send sihmshimtapa or comments even during the broadcast, It is a must to log-in else you can only listen and or view but not comment. JJY then turns to the chicken and ask the same question, The chicken just sobs: Jungmin there surely to encouraged her This explains why the main body below is as it is with lots of misplaced words. Enter the Certification number sent in your e-mail then Confirm 9.


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Skip to content January 8, January 8, juni If you are interested, please message me or flamestalkerYongery or Lupang. When He showed the pack and the seed I think I knew what it was and then it was confirmed when they zoom into the handful of cracked shells.

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Sign In Sign Up. So gonna wait for her hosting Variety show where I fell for him is only third.

October 23, October 27, juni Get well soon too…. I switched on my imbc mini and it already started. All you see will be chubby cheeks- not even cheekbones kkkk. He even demonstrates how to eat shimshimapa in one hand.

Bring me to Life by Evanescence. Click Agree after Full Agreement is ticked 7. On the other hand, perhaps he is really going to concentrate on his music. I also want my vacation badly. After a while DJ Yong starts to become restless. This was minutes before his guests came kkkk. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.

simsimtapa mbc radio shimshimtapa dj yong – FAN GIRLING

October 16, October shimshimttapa, juni Gyul and Shindong in the cat and tiger outfits I was late again as usual but at least I was able to see JJY derp as you can see the photos below hahaha even Obama derps. How To Listen Live: Too much hard work and no play makes anyone dull I guess… hahaha. Everyone…please help me just this once…. Tonight is a guitar showdown! December 11, December 12, juni Started by chupachupsMay 5, December 4, December 4, juni I once watch SSTP live stream.


Ah so I heard it correctly last night when Jung JoonYoung mentioned there will be video feed tonight despite not being in the posted schedule last Monday. An English streamm was playing and blame wach on short term memory loss, I can not remember the song.

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His Merry Christmas is extremely funny or annoying? Once you click on Authenticate, check your e-mail immediatelye as Certification Number will be sent there and they will indicate how long before it expires.

Among those concern however, the financial aspect weighs me down greatly. I always feel that he is teasing his viewers.

And I think he likes it. Spazz about her and Shindong too. You will be directed in this page below: The strings have become very rigid for being just a display more than a musical instrument. If someone can clarify this it would be awesome.